• Residential

Residential Projects

 Ironmongery for residential application is mainly due to the aesthetic within the interior design of the residence, from new builds to cottages most houses have the below doors sets that all require the correct ironmongery to match thought out. 

 •           Entrance Doors including PAS 24 and Secure By Design

•           Latched Doors

•           Bathroom Doors

•           Cupboard Doors

•           Wardrobe Doors

•           Pocket Doors

Most of our ranges are ideal for the home, but would recommend our Manital Designer range from Italy, established in 1990 to manufacture brass handles for doors and windows fittings. By investing in design and innovation, Manital, over 25 years of production, has managed to redefine the standards of quality and style in the manufacturing of handles.

Production is 100% Made in Italy; every detail and every manufacturing phase is entrusted to highly qualified specialists within the corporate structure.

 An essential element for the international success of this "Made in Italy" is the close cooperation established by the company with several of the best Italian and international designers.