Locks & Latches
Locks and latches our range of locks and latches, Mortice Locks, 3 Lever locks , 5 Lever locks , BS3621 deadlocks and sashlocks, mortice nightlatches, mortice latches in many finishes brass, chrome, satin chrome, bronze all with matching keeps and screws

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  • British Standard Locks...
    British Standard Locks to BSEN3625 5 Lever deadlocks and sashlocks all come with harden anti drill plates , 20mm roller bolt throw bolt, box keep and 3 keys to British standard BSEN3625
  • British Standard...
    British Standard Cylinder Locks to BSEN12209 our range of British standard cylinders locks come as a complete lock set with lock, cylinders and secuirty escutcheons as a complete set this lock is British standard tested ti BSEN12209
  • Rim Night latches
    Rim Night latches our range of British Standard Night Latches are to BSEN3621 and come in many finishes brass, chrome, satin chrome all with cylinders and keys
  • Bathroom Locks
    Bathroom Locks our bathroom lock range matches the handles and bathroom turn and release all with matching faceplates and strike     keeps
  • Cylinder Locks
    Cylinder Locks our range of cylinder locks match the euro or oval cylinders profile , all come with brass, Satinless steel, polished stainless steel face plates and strike platesc
  • 3 Lever Locks
    3 Lever Locks, our range of 3 lever locks deadlocks and sashlocks are ideal for internal locking of bedrooms, shelds, offices , studies all come with 3 keys and stike keeps
  • Din Locks
    Din Locks our range of Din locks all come with 60mm backset with 72mm centres , euro sashlocks, nightlatches, deadlocks, latches, bathroom locks escape locks we have the full range with sqaure or radius plates
  • Sliding Door Locks
    Sliding Door Locks our range of slidng door locks have a slide claw or hook claw to ensure the sliding door will not slide open, our range of deadlocks, sashlocks and bathroom locks all come with face plates and keeps in brass, stainless steel, polished stainless steel and bronze
  • Latches
    Latches our range of latches come in many sizes from 2.5" to 6" in many finishes brass, chrome, satin chrome, bronze, polsihed stainless steel, satin stainless steel,all with matching faceplates and keeps
  • Traditional Rim Locks
    Traditional Rim Locks our range of traditional rim lock come as a deadlock , bathroom lock or sashlocks with rim knob sets all come in matching finishes brass, chrome, satin chrome, black
  • Fire Brigade Locks & Keys
    Fire Brigade Lock and Keys , FB1,FB2,FB4,FB14,FB Rim and Mortice Locks and Keys
  • Deadbolts
    Deadbolts our deadolt range comes with a 5mm spindle hole for bathroom turn and release or tunr handles all deadbolts come with matching faceplate and keep in many finishes brass, stainless steel, polished stainless steel
  • Nightlatch Mortice
    Mortice nightlaches come with a euro profile cylinder hole and 8mm spindle to allow access with a key and exit using a handle
  • Roller & Ball Catches
    Roller & Ball Catches our range of roller and ball catces are adjustable and all come with matcing stike keep in brass, stainless steel