Gradans Hinge range covers all door sizes , weights, projection, and applications we offer hinges for fire doors FD30/FD60/FD120 double action doors, DDA doors, office door, schools, hospital, commercail and reatil projects we have it covered

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  • Fire Rated Hinges
    Fire Rated Hinges to BSEN1935 CE Marked for FD30, FD60 , FD120 fire doors, our hinges all come with stainles steel matching screws ,
  • Ball Bearing Hinges
    Ball Bearing Hinges all our ball bearing hinges come in many finishes brass,chrome,stainless steel, polished stainless steel, bronze, black all with matching screws
  • Washered Hinges
    Washered Hinges all our washered hinges come with steel or brass double washers with natching screws
  • Parliament Hinges
    Parliament Hinges allow the door to project from the frame to stop the door from hitting the stop or frame our range comes in many finishes brass, chrome, satin chrome,stainless steel, polished stainless steel all with matching screws
  • Rising Hinges
    Rising Hinges allow the door to rise above the floor level to ensure the door opens and closes with no obstruction from the carpet, also these hinges allow you to lift the door off the from without unscrewing the hinges, these come in polished and stainless steel with matching screws
  • Concealed Hinges
    Concealed Hinges come in many finishes brass, chrome, satin chrome,all with matching screws
  • Cabinet and Kitchen...
    Cabient and Kitchen Hinges this range covers all bedroom, bathroom,kitchen and cabient hinges solid hinges or blum type hinges allowing the door to be insert opening inset opening
  • Gate and Barn Hinges
    Gate and Barn Hinges the traditional looking gate hinge for the arn/cottage look hinge come in black pewter with matching screws
  • Spring Hinges
    Adjustable Self Closing Spring Hinge - Square. 3 pack. (Max Load 60kg). .Adjustable self closing spring hinge to assist in self closing doors. (Max Load 60kg). Available in different finishes. with square or radius options. Comes with a 10 year mechanical guarantee and is Fire door rated. Suitable for all domestic, commercial and industrial use.